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Why is Xen VPS More Preferred?

In comparison to other platforms, Xen VPS offers its users unique control and customization. Additionally, this platform has a horde of features to offer, including swap space, a kernel modulus which is loadable, full control of the iptables modules and easy access to the remote console for the purpose of troubleshooting. Up to date, many people consider this platform to be the best for the following reasons.

Greater Control

This platform gives the user a greater sense of control by allowing him or her to access an array of file system types, swap iptables as well as space. If you consider yourself a powerful user and are comfortable with Linux administration, then this is the perfect VPS solution for you. All the Xen VPS are configured appropriately with substantial swap space. This allows you to properly manage your VPS. This swap space allocation has minimal effects on the available disk space for the storage of regular files.

Popular Operating System

With this platform, various operating systems are usable. These include Fedora OS templates, ent OS, Ubuntu and Debian. Additionallt, other VPS links, such as Ruby and LAMP, may be used with this platform.

Control Panel Licensing

The Xen VPS platform has a WHM / cPanel licensing.

Raw Performance versus Customization

The platform has a hypervisor which provides the user with more option. Therefore, the user can easily configure the kernel of the virtual private server using this feature. However, this feature has a higher cost of resources as compared to the OpenVZ platform. While many providers are striving to offer the best performance at a considerably low cost, you may also need to look for the hosting plan which is better than you current plan, especially if you are moving from another platform to Xen.

Backup Administration

All system backups on this platform are self managed. This allows the user to be in control of his or her backup schedule. When asked to specify the virtualization platform you prefer, ensure that you mention your preferred Xen VPS hosting.

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