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OpenVz VPS

The OpenVz is an open source edition of Virtuozzo, the award-winning virtualization software from SWsoft. This software offers full root access, reliable performance and compartmentalized file systems to virtual private server administrators. Regardless of the growing popularity of other VPS hosting platforms, the OpenVz remains to be one of the best and most preferred VPS platform. It is the right VPS hosting choice for individuals and companies intending to run a RoR or LAMP production site.

Features of the OpenVz VPS

As compared to the Xen VPS, the OpenVz is the most preferred due to the following features: It offers the best virtual private server, hence offering customers a good value for money. OpenVZ includes full complement of Linux operating system application stacks and templates. Administrators on OpenVZ VPS pay comparatively lower costs for the reseller control panel of WHM / cPanel web hosting. The VPN offers full control as well as instant provisioning of your server. You can instantly change the password on the virtual server. It has API Settings which allo0ws you to control various aspects of the server. Some of the aspects that can be changed using these API Settings include boot, reboot, retrieve status and shutdown

This container based virtualization is meant for Linux flavour OS. In its operation, this VPN creates multiple isolated and secure containers referred to as Virtual Environment or Virtual Private Server. This VPN allows you full root access of the OS. As such, the user is able to do whatever he or she desires and at an affordable cost.

The OpenVz is a server technology that is operating system-level. The technology is based on Linux OS and kernel. This hosting option provides the user with a physical server which is capable of running a number of independent OS instances.

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